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Rewards Program

Now an exciting, NEW Rewards Program!!

As of August 2015, we phased out PAPER punch cards
to begin the much more convenient, more green "Five Star Rewards Program"!

Our rewards program has gone through several phases over the past 11 years.
The newest incarnation does not use PAPER punch cards at all!
Now, when you buy items at From My Shelf Books & Gifts, whether in the store itself, or by shopping online with us, we will keep track of your rewards! No more worrying about losing a card; no more cards to keep track of in your wallet!

Here is our new rewards points program:

*When you buy any item at From My Shelf Books & Gifts, you receive ONE POINT for every $1 you spend!
(this is so much better than our old punch card, where you had to buy $10 worth of inventory to receive one punch; you did not receive punches unless your purchases were in $10 increments! NOW, every $1 you spend counts towards your rewards!)

*You keep track of yourself, here at the bookstore, under your phone number. It's that simple.

*When you come into the bookstore, you punch in your phone number. Your account will come up on the computer here, and tell you how many rewards points you currently have, and what you can redeem those points for!!!

*You may redeem your rewards points for all different discounts and free merchandise in the store! It's your choice how you redeem your rewards! Smaller rewards include:
       25 points for a tin of candy or novelty mints

         50 points for $3 off your next purchase
         65 points for an "Indie bookstore" book bag

OR, save for BIGGER discounts, like 100 points for $10 off your next purchase  (this is just like the old punch card, when it was full)
      200 points for $22 off your next purchase,
      500 points for $60 off, etc.


ALSO, with the new rewards points program, you can have special sales and offers emailed to you or texted to your phone:
THESE OFFERS are ONLY available to rewards points participants!


Finally, for signing up for the NEW rewards points program, you get a $10 gift certificate FREE, every year on your birthday

THAT'S RIGHT:  FREE! A $10 birthday gift certificate, every year.

Ask how you can sign up for this great new program!!!