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Rewards Program

If it isn't broke, don't fix it.... going "old-school" again!!

As of August 2018, we phased out our digital "Five Star Rewards Program"!

Our rewards program has gone through several phases over the past 11 years.

In the newest incarnation, we are going back to PAPER punch cards. Too many of our customers were feeling hassled by the constant emailing and texting from the digital program; some also felt that the information collecting through this company was a nuisance at best, and an invasion of privacy at worst. We obviously have no problem doing things "old-school" here, and want our customers to continue to feel we honor their concerns and their privacy.


Here is our new rewards points program:

*When you buy any item at From My Shelf Books & Gifts, you receive one punch for every $10 you spend!

*Unlike in the past, the punch card is for EVERYONE. You don't need to be a paying member to have a punch card. Every customer can have their own, and the punches/points/credit you are acquiring with your punch card NEVER expires.

*Ten punches => $10 off your next purchase. Have a full punch card? Consider it the same thing as having a $10 gift certificate, or a $10 off coupon.
No gimmicks, nothing else to remember. Use your full punch card to buy whatever you like at our storefront location!