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Hours and Directions

HOURS : Fall 2022

  • Monday-Thursday: 10am-5pm
  • Fridays & Saturdays: 10am-6pm
  • Closed Sundays, except for holiday weekends, such as Labor Day weekend, Columbus Day weekend, etc.
  • Check our Facebook page for details!  (you can't always trust Google for hours & availability)
    We are often open later for special events!


We are conveniently located at 7 East Avenue, Suite 101, Wellsboro, PA 16901

Driving Directions to Us: 

(April - Nov 2022) sad

For now, we suggest you follow Main Street to the Tops Plaza (where Tops, CVS, and Dunkin' Donuts are located), and park near State Farm Insurance on the right side of the big parking lot. There are actually designated parking spots for customers of "Brooks Plaza" (that's us), which you can use, or you can park anywhere in the big parking lot. Then walk around the left side of the building, where the chain-link fence is, and our sidewalks are clear! If you are unable to walk here, call us from your vehicle and we can deliver to you out back. 570-724-5793

We apologize for the inconvenience! Thanks so much for sticking with us during this time, as always.


From Points West:

  1. Head east on US-6 East toward Coudersport, Galeton, etc.
  2. At the junction of US-6 East and PA-362 East, we suggest you continue to follow US-6 East, past the “Marsh Creek” area, heading toward Wellsboro.
  3. About 3 miles outside Wellsboro, US-6 East merges with Rt 287 South. Continue the 3 miles into Wellsboro, where Rt. 287 S/US-6 E becomes “Tioga Street” and then “Main Street”
  4. Continue on Main Street -- you'll see the Wellsboro Diner on your left, on the corner, where Rt. 6 East/East Avenue meets Main Street. Turn left here, onto East Avenue. Go just past the spot where the antique co-ops formerly were (now the Wellsboro Mini Mall, and next door to that is Krout's Creations), just next to the Wellsboro Diner. Turn left here, into the Brooks Plaza parking lot!
  5. You can park here, in the parking designated just for our customers! We occupy the long end of the plaza, with a reflexologist/natural medicine supply store (Slippery Elm Natural Foods) and a home decor store (Kelly's Canyon Country Crafts) on the left side.

From Points East:

  1. Go west on US-6 West, coming into Wellsboro past Weis Markets (on your left), Pudgies’ Pizza and Acorn Markets (on your right), Rite Aid (on your left). Slow down when you see the large, brick bank building on your left (First Citizens' Bank). At the T-junction with Pearl Street, turn right into the Brooks Plaza's parking lot! This parking lot is just for our customers!
  2. If you accidentally drive by us, you'll reach the intersection by the Wellsboro Diner (intersection of US-6 West/East Avenue and Main Street). Turn right here. Just past the Diner, turn RIGHT into the plaza with Dunkin' Donuts, Bi-Lo, and CVS. If you stay to your right, at the back of this plaza, you'll see offices for Ken Leone, State Farm Insurance. This State Farm office is actually at the back of our building! You can park here and walk around to From My Shelf!

From Points South:

  1. Follow US-15 North
  2. *A.* If good weather, much nicer drive is: 
    • get off US-15 North at the Liberty exit (PA 414 W); this goes about 10 miles over the mountain. Expect, depending on these season, tons of mountain laurel flowers; deer; great fall foliage.
    • When you reach the little town of Morris, 414 W merges with 287 N. Follow 287 N towards Wellsboro, about  12 miles.
    • You’ll come into town on Central Avenue. Pass the hospital on your left, then a block later, “The Green” (the town square) will be on your left, at the intersection of Central Avenue and Main Street. Turn right on Main Street, and follow Main Street for three blocks, where you'll come to
  3. *or* B. If not sure about the weather, or you prefer highway driving:  follow US-15 North to the Mansfield exit. Then follow directions “from points east.”

From Points North:

  1. Follow US-15 S to the point where US-6 W intersects with US-15 S, just outside of Mansfield. Follow signs for US-6 W and Wellsboro. Now, refer to the directions for “From Points East”.