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Store History

When Kevin and Kasey both ended up back in their hometown of Wellsboro, and met again after vaguely knowing each other in high school, they found out they had both been selling books part-time online. Joining inventories, they carried on doing this for another six months, selling books out of their apartment, before taking the leap to a small, basement place on Main Street. This gave Tioga County the first bookstore of its kind, with new and used books, across a wide spectrum of genres and prices.

From My Shelf officially opened its doors for business in July of 2006 with only about 3,000 books on the shelves--mostly used--but with dreams of filling the 800 square feet, top to bottom, with books.

After seeing Jen and her young son William at least twice a week (and watching as Jen kept re-arranging books because we had them in the 'wrong' section) for the first six months, we finally just offered Jen a job. She was crazy enough to accept, and we've been a bookstore family ever since. Jen is pretty sure everyone she works with is entirely insane but figures that since she is as well, it's all good! (Plus, she is very good at egging Kevin on since they have the same disturbed sense of humor! Just be aware that if they are both working, things in the store tend to get very strange!).

Over the years, we've had great part-time help from many people, including folks during school breaks, between college and grad school, during grad school, and while job-hunting for more full-time work. Some people stayed only briefly, but several have "stuck". One of the ones who stuck and became a integral part of our bookstore family is Kris! Kris started working with us in December of 2012 (on what not only happened to be her birthday but was was also Dickens! So, we threw her in the deep end to see if she could swim!) 10 & 1/2 years later, she's still here. We decided after Kris kept coming back for more and more books (and after she was integral in creating a petition to keep Hobo (our very first bookstore cat) in the store), that she would be the perfect employee! While hired as a part-time employee, Kris has risen in the ranks and become the assistant store manager! Kris says "Yes, I have to work with crazy people that drive me nuts on a regular basis, but they haven't driven me away yet!"

We've learned something from each and every one, and have been glad to have this bookstore extended family. We also have furry staff, Huck and Finn (our Bookstore Cats), who will greet you whenever you show up and will be more than happy to show you around the store and donate as much free cat hair as you can carry!!!

From My Shelf Books & Gifts is now in its "third incarnation" at 7 East Ave, bursting with books, puzzles, cards, games, audio books, book-related gifts, friends, cat hair (and the 2 cats that go with the hair!) and general good cheer. The bookstore is still clean and well-organized, and has more space and light in its new space. We continue to look for opportunities to grow, to serve our community, and to encourage each person to find a book from which they will benefit.

Proud members of:

Proud sponsors and creators of the Where Are the Totally Ninja Raccoon Scavenger Hunt!
Held every year during the month of July!!
Businesses all around Wellsboro host this event and donate prizes for the raffle at the end of the month!
For more details about this growing event, click here: Where Are The Totally Ninja Racoons?
This event has spread beyond Wellsboro, with Amy's Bookcase in Farmington, NM and Paperbacks and Pieces in Winona, MN each hosting their own chapter!
If you would like to sponsor your own Raccoon Scavenger Hunt, click here: How to Host Your Own Where Are the Totally Ninja Raccoons Scavenger Hunt!
And of course, we have our very own live in author!
Kevin has written 10 Totally Ninja Raccoon books, 1 Cat Board book, 5 Kid's Pet Picture books and 'Operation Ragnarok' (his D&D themed book for teens and adults!). Kevin does book signings and events at schools and festivals around the Tioga County, PA area! If you'd like to book an event with Kevin, click HERE!!!
Want to know more about Kevin and From My Shelf Books & Gifts? Check out Kevin's Youtube and Tiktok Channels!