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Membership Program Guidelines

(updated Sept 1, 2015)
COST:  $25 for 12 months, covers your household:
(defined by people who live together in one domicile)
         $20 to renew if you have previously been a member!
*receive 20% off new paperback books & 25% off new hardcovers
*receive special, deeper discounts off new audio books and off certain big-ticket preorder items (like some new releases)
*discounts on entry fees to certain events! 

*20% off card games, jigsaw puzzles, craft kits, novelty mugs, plush, and many other fun in-store items!
*30% off all board games!
*frequent "members-only" sales on used books, double points earnings, or 30-50% off special sale items!

*special offers only available by signing up for the Five Star Rewards Program (our 'paperless punch card')

*free delivery within a five-mile radius of the bookstore

*we regularly deliver to the Laurels, Fellows Town Apts, Pinnacle Towers, the hospital, downtown businesses, the Green Home, and Tioga County Prison! We're happy to add your home or business to our "local" list!
TWO different ways to earn bookstore credit!!
***bring 3-5 books in for trade-in ANY time, no appointment necessary
***new paper-less "punch card" program:  $1 spent = 1 point:  redeem points for discounts and free merchandise!
**If you are planning on spending more than $50-60 with us in a 12 month period, it is less expensive to pay our $25 fee and get all of your membership discounts than it is to pay full price on books.... and that does not take into account all the credit you can earn by trading books in or further discounts you receive by using the punch card!**